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About Us

About Şölen Boutique

Şölen Boutique, which is the first store of Şölen that is one of the most brave and innovative companies in Turkey, is opened to provide services with the mission to be by the side of consumers in all the beautiful moments. Besides treats and gift chocolates of Şölen, which has achieved important successes globally with its products produced with expertise of 30 years and exported to more than 120 countries extending from America to Belgium and from Japan to Maldives, as becoming classical, gourmet flavours which are specially prepared are available at Şölen Boutique.


Why Şölen Boutique?

Şölen Boutique makes private days turn into a feast (Şölen), by meeting real Şölen chocolate products creating a difference with their taste, with elegance. Offering chocolates prepared using the highest quality raw materials for sale in prestigious and customizable packages, Şölen Boutique makes luxury accessible. Şölen Boutique increases the pleasure of the moments that its consumers share with their loved ones, with its delicious taste on the palate, with its eye-catching elegant boxes and its flavors that leave a mark in the memories.


Chocolate flavor suitable for every taste is available at Şölen Boutique

Şölen Boutique makes real Şölen chocolate products which create a difference with their flavour and quality, meet with consumers on each day of the year. The unique flavors of Şölen such as Milango that is prepared by world famous designer Karim Rashid and which is first private design gift chocolate in Turkey, Istanbul Collection which brings together the delicacy of madlen chocolate and Istanbul silhouettes in engraved chocolate, Octavia that is the indispensable flavor of holidays, Lokkum which brings a modern interpretation to the traditional Turkish delight concept with its chocolate coating, are offered for sale with a personalized chocolate gift concept, suitable for special occasions.

In Şölen Boutique, besides special open and boxed chocolates, gourmet delicacies such as hot-cold chocolate, soufflé and artisanal chocolate offer an extraordinary chocolate experience to chocolate lovers.


Private moments turn into a feast with Şölen Boutique

Şölen Boutique offers a stylish and delicious gift feast with personalized packaging options suitable for business life and visit themes as well as all special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, asking for girl’s hand in marriage, birth visit, wedding anniversary, birthday.

Those who want to give an elegant gift to their loved ones can add their own touches to the eye-catching elegant boxes in Şölen Boutique with the ribbons printed specially for the name, crown happy moments with special gift boxes for boys and girls, and elegant presentations with silver and copper gifts can be made.


Coffees prepared with care that accompany pleasant conversations are at Şölen Boutique

In addition to the real Şölen chocolate flavor it offers, Şölen Boutique also accompanies the warm conversations with its coffee made from carefully roasted coffee beans. Perfectly compatible with the unique taste of chocolate, coffee beans prepared with a special recipe for Şölen can be purchased as packaged for later consumption.

For the flavors of Şölen Boutique that will turn each moment worth celebrating into a feast, you can visit the Balance Güneşli store or order via the website.


Marriage theme

Şölen Boutique, which crowns the most memorable moments of the marriage process such as asking for a girl’s hand in marriage, engagement, promise, dowry ceremony and wedding, is with you on your way to marriage with its magnificent flavors …


Birth theme

Şölen Boutique offers delicious gift alternatives in gift boxes for boys and girls during the visits made for birth congratulations. A sweet welcome can be made for organizations such as Baby Shower, birthday, tooth wheat.


Relationship theme

Şölen Boutique can share the sweetest form of love with your beloved, with real Şölen chocolates and specially designed boxes; You can create a sweet smile on your palate while making your loved one happy on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, anniversaries or when you want it.


Business life

For a sweet break in the busy pace of business life, Şölen Boutique offers delicious alternatives. You can beautify the moment with a box of chocolates at customer visits, hiring, promotions or farewell ceremonies.  


Theme of visiting

Chocolate is the first gift that comes to mind when it comes to visiting… With the real chocolate flavor and elegant gift boxes of Şölen Boutique, you can give your loved ones the sweetest gift and add flavor to your pleasant conversations.


Private Days

Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's Day, the days we feel the happiness of sharing the most ... You can turn all special days into feasts with the magnificent flavors of Şölen Boutique and create memories with your loved ones that will remain in your palate.